We realize the particular problems of the region’s employment market and recruiting atmosphere, and we can help you discover the appropriate staff. Our recruiters give individual service and use matching technology that includes decades of placement data to match you with the ideal temporary or full-time employees. Carrillo works in Springfield, Columbus, Dayton, Sidney, Vandalia, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Florence, Lexington, Lima and Findlay. We help manufacturing businesses of all sizes find qualified employees who meet their professional needs and culture.

We engage ourselves in their companies and careers to thoroughly understand our customers’ and applicants’ interests and aspirations. As a leading American recruiting firm, we pride ourselves on continually implementing these goals in order to build valuable connections. We are much more than an employment firm. We match talent to opportunities, just contact us, and our representative will assist you.

To establish a great business, you’ll need a combination of many critical factors, one of the most crucial of which is people. Personnel is the engine that propels a firm forward. As a result, recruiting and keeping the appropriate employees is paramount to a company’s success.

Why is the right talent necessary?

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Having the appropriate personnel in place may help your company add significant value. Hiring the proper staff with the practical skills and drive is critical to running a successful business and continuing to innovate, which will offer you a competitive advantage. On the other hand, poor hiring frequently results in unproductive and uninspired employees. Having the wrong personnel on your team may increase risk and cause your company to suffer, lowering its market competitiveness.

One of the critical reasons for the prominence of talent acquisition is that replacing an employee may be costly. In the long term, though, selecting the proper individual for the job may save you a lot of time and money. Recruiting procedures include a variety of duties such as job posting, CV screening, candidate evaluation, and interviewing, among others. All of these duties need a significant amount of resources as well as the recruiter’s time and effort. Yet, the expenses are significantly reduced if these resources are used to discover the proper people and hire for the long term. You may do this with the support of a promising talent acquisition plan.

One of the most crucial features of talent acquisition is its forward-thinking nature. Although it may seem complicated to replace critical positions in your organization, a systematic approach to talent acquisition may assist in guaranteeing that the people you choose have the skills and temperament to grow into leaders. This implies that your organization will not just hire someone to fill a vacancy and complete a task. Candidates will be thoroughly checked and evaluated before being hired, ensuring that they are not only a good match for their present jobs but also have the ability to grow into new ones in the future.

Why us?

To some extent filling unfilled jobs as quickly as possible, an efficient talent acquisition approach focuses on identifying the most fantastic applicant for the employment. As a result, candidates are assessed on every area of the job that counts, from skills to future growth to cultural fit, to ensure that the best candidate is recruited. This has an effect on both the hiring quality (higher) and the turnover rate (lower) of a firm, for example.

When providing temporary and permanent staffing services for manufacturing facilities, we make sure to hire the proper personnel. We provide transportation, on-site coordinators, and same-day payments to employees if necessary, over 20 years of expertise in manufacturing plant staffing, and last but not least, we assist employees with relocation housing expenditures.

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What do our clients say about us?

  1. Carrillo Staffing has established a degree of managerial supervision, service and support, and genuine interest in our requirements that no other contractor I’ve worked with has been able to match.
  2. Carrillo Staffing has been my employer for many years. They have a good understanding of complex assignments, client services, and how to fill Human Resource roles quickly. One of the most outstanding professional companies in the industry!
  3. Carrillo has consistently supplied me with outstanding talent. They’ve been a tremendous go-to resource, which is very appreciated, particularly when we’re on a strict timeline and we’re constantly working on a strict timeline!

Our Services

We offer a range of services to assist you in accomplishing the objective. Are you uncertain about what you need or what it ends up costing? We can clarify what services are ideal for you.

Long Term Contract Employees

This option offers you the best flexibility to quickly add a reliable source of employees. A resource is responsible for:

  • Payroll and Benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Payroll taxes
  • Recruiting expertise
  • Other value-added staffing services

Short Term Assignment Employees

Candidates available in this option are on a temporary basis.

  • Production peaks
  • Special projects
  • Vacation coverage
  • Emergencies
  • Covering shifts of any other employee

Value-Added Services

In addition to the above services, our firm provides these facilities free of cost.

  • Transportation to work
  • On-site management

We believe realizing what makes a promising recruit helps businesses keep hiring at the same (or higher) level and ensure that their top employees are retained. This necessitates Human Resources’ ability to assess the quality of new hires and decide who is to blame. Instead of just considering it a statistic that signals talent acquisition effectiveness, the ideal strategy is to base it on economic value generated through intellectual capital. Given that talent is increasingly functioning as a critical differentiator, being able to understand how people contribute to company success is essential to preserving a competitive edge. As a result, determining what makes someone successful in their profession helps businesses to continue recruiting individuals who have the best chance of succeeding. This knowledge is critical for building and maintaining a high-performing organization, and it should be included in your talent acquisition activities. So, we are here to assist you in your manufacturing plant’s recruitment process.